The Christmas Eve Angel

The Christmas Eve Angel

He walked with a limp that slowed down his pace

He was unshaven and appeared out of place

He was allowed on earth for just one night

and he hoped the task would make things right

He had been called to visit a little boy who some thought soon would die

To deliver a gift that he had never seen

and travel to a place he had never been,

The wind roared as he walked into the cold winter air

tugging at his parka he grabbed at his hood and tucked in his hair

The only guides he was given to find the address was a star above an old abandoned shack.

a Christmas globe that sat in a window sill and the name of the child, being Jack,

They told him it wasn’t too far just past a dead end sign

He managed to find the house just fine

Looked at his watch and saw it was about nine

When he arrived at the front door he saw people praying in a circle their heads hung low

He knocked on the door watching a young woman approaching quite slow,

“Come in, “ she said “We’ve been waiting for you to arrive.”

“You must go upstairs and sit with our son as he is barely alive.”

He walked upstairs and knelt by Jack’s bed

Jack smiled and the angel put his hand on the boy’s head

Jack came bounding out of his room, the colour had returned to his cheeks,

Something they had not seen in many months and several weeks,

Someone said our prayers were answered and he was the one.

They heard the angel whisper “ I have sacrificed myself to save your son.”



Angela H. Penn © November 2011.

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