A Most Quotable Post

Things we take for granted many wish they had:- to read, to see, to have full use of their body, to walk, to run, to dream…  Blessed are those that appreciate how good things are right now, at this very moment ..  A. Penn (c) Jan 9th, 2012

I am living proof that being busier helping others improves ones state of mind..  When we serve others we are serving our greater good.  One can argue that these are selfless acts but are they?  If I give to you am I not giving to myself.  (c)A. Penn Asgarda owner January 2012

Protect, honour, respect, love, cherish and care for you.. “Who? ” I said, you!”  Make yourself a priority – be kind to you – you always matter.. While your at it let go of the things that wear you down like guilt and shame..  They serve no purpose and leave us in the past..  Amen!   A. Penn ( c) 2012.

I show I love people by respecting what they believe and encourage their hopes and dreams. If we all did that maybe my little corner of the world and yours would meet and together we can make the world a more peaceful place ~ A.Penn (c) January 5th, 2012~

Look for the silver lining in events that appear to be problematic. There is either a lesson to be learned or you soon will open another door to an opportunity that is greater than you could have imagined~ A. Penn Asgarda Coaching and Mentoring Services from Little Bursts of Inspiration book and blog also by A.Penn (c) Dec 25th, 2011


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