Valentine’s Day Not Just For Lovers

Some of us might not have a valentine this year, that doesn’t mean that you should avoid Valentine’s Day.  Do something loving for yourself: buy yourself a little gift or buy that cookie, whatever makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  You matter most of all so maybe it is time to spoil yourself today xx & ♥

And to my writer/blogger friends maybe writing something today is your present to yourself~

The loving are the daring.

Truly inspired

This Saturday  I attended the Arts Expo at the Agora in the Strathcona County Library.  Surrounded by so many beautiful pieces of art, the paintings and sketches and the many books our writing group had for sale this year was an enjoyable experience.  Dream Write Publishing (Linda Pedley) had a very successful and productive year publishing the many works from our talented writers at the Writer’s Foundation Strathcona County.  I encourage any die hard readers or writer’s seeking to get their work published to check out Linda’s site @ and take a peek at the books available as well as her services.

The energy that is in the air when one attends these events is high and one almost feels buzzed and aglow being in the presence of such creative & skilled people.  The ambience is carefree as one observes the smiles on their faces and the lightness of the room.  As if we left our worries behind and entered a world where that playful inner child takes over and we become entranced.. consumed by our crafts.   We are transported to another place, a place that some never experience.

In the last year I have relied heavily on my writing as a stress reliever through my journaling and blogging projects.  I have been able to incorporate my sense of humor and my daily quotes that are meant to empower people.   Much of what I write I have experienced which I think makes me a better person and a better writer.

Pursue whatever inspires you: whether it is to write or sing, to play an instrument, to paint, to draw or to dance .  Go in search of that child that use to colour and draw or wrote stories fearlessly.   You might just find what you need.