Unconditional Love

When we brought Molly (our Poodle- Shih –Tzu cross) into our home at the age of six months she had been somewhat neglected.  She had previously been residing in a home with several other dogs, where the amount of animals and the death of their son had made it hard for the previous owners to keep her.   When Molly came to live with us she was rather shy and haggard looking, badly needing a groom and plenty of attention.   I was only too happy to train her and I was eager to have her feel comfortable and a part of our family that also included 2 cats.   There were a few trials and tribulations as Molly required some time to adjust to her forever home.  I had never had a dog before so I was quite lost in the beginning, asking anyone that had a dog for advice or suggestions.  I read books on dog training and watched many videos to try to get the hang of it.  I look back now and laugh at how worried I was and reflect on the days where I felt like I had failed her miserably.

I worried about leaving Molly alone at home, fearful that the cats might gouge out her eyes or gang up on her out of jealousy.  I remember thinking this is what Mother’s go through worrying all the time about their kids, never being a Mom before, this was certainly a new development.  This bond between Molly & I became stronger every day and to be honest within 5 minutes of her arrival in our home I was in love with her.

Fast forward to today:

Molly has been a blessing in our home and in our lives.  She loves us no matter what: if your hair is sticking out or you’re feeling sad or just not having a great day, she always wants to be near you.  She listens, she understands what you say and she is always willing to sit on your lap or lie across your body on the couch.

Molly cuddles with our cats Willow ( my female tabby) & Sylvester her big brother.  Willow has taken it upon herself that she is Molly’s pseudo Mom and is often seen nuzzling Molly’s head as if to say I am here little one if you need me.  All of my pets remind me that unconditional love exists and that peace can be found in a house with a dog and two cats.

Watching the three of them lying together as I write this, reaffirms my belief that we have much to learn about peace and love as humans.  Greed and material possessions do not exist in their world so there is no benefit to any of them to not love unconditionally.

These are my angels and this is my story.  May you always live among them, they will bring you great joy and much love~

BTW Molly has her own blog at http://lapdogdiaries.wordpress.com/




6 thoughts on “Unconditional Love

  1. Sharon says:

    Sly looks just like Ruth’s cat Patches! I had the experience most of my life with cats and dogs together in our home and they always became buddies! It is so much fun to watch them interact.
    Your so right they live in the present moment and just want love and food. They do not worry about material things. Hugs S

  2. Aunt Libby says:

    Oh my little sister that was so beautiful. Your little angels are the way they are because of you mainly and Marty after that. They say “Children learn from what they live” animals are the same way. You are all blessed indeed. I love you all from my heart to yours! xox

  3. Cate Helgeson says:

    Really enjoyed your story about Molly. We feel the same way about our Zoe. They certainly wrap themselves around your heartstrings.

  4. ER says:

    Aw Angi this brought tears to my eyes and memories of the day I picked up Sammy at the shelter.

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