The Power to Empower

Thinking back to the wonderful people that have inspired me to write I have fond memories of one of my teachers, Mr. Milner.  He was seen as being a rather odd man at our school but to me he was one of the few positive people I had in my life at school.  Some people just have that spark or magic to empower others without even trying.  To Mr. Milner I was creative, smart and talented in a time when my hormones were weird and I was soon to attend junior high school.  I remember feeling alone, awkward and shy back then.  Many who know me, would not believe that I was ever shy, but I was and generally kept to myself.

To those that inspire us to be greater than we imagined, this is for you:

Some people touch that little part of your heart that lies wthin, deep inside where you only let the very special ones see~  In these occasions I throw caution to the wind!  No walls are required, no ego is involved ~ pure love & pure of heart reside ~   Here is what I need to remember, I can live in this state forever IF I CHOOSE  A. Penn (c) April 9th, 2012


4 thoughts on “The Power to Empower

  1. Finding someone who inspires you is a precious gift indeed – these are people we treasure forever.

  2. Junius says:

    You are a good writer. Very descriptive. I wish you much success in your future. Sometimes people make mistakes……………..

  3. Missie Baker says:

    It’s amazing how certain people who come into your life and make the most wonderful burst of light in our hearts. It stays with you forever.

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