I Found My Heaven

I realized when I began journalling about my recent holiday that i wanted to relish these moments.  I was delaying the process so I could remain in that state of complete relaxation & unconditional love.  Something within me connected with the people, the culture, their beliefs that made me feel safe and secure.  The love is abundant among the people and within me.  Spiritually I became aware of things on a much deeper level.  I now find myself feeling irritable because the real world has almost taken over again, I am not liking that one bit!

I am feeling very blessed because Jamaica has given me the courage to do things again, to take risks, to be a free spirit and in a way, I always was.

i took out my braids on Wednesday and cried …. I did not cry when we left or a few days after, no I cried because it was my last little piece of Jamaica, that I was clinging to.

I have been to heaven, my sanctuary and I will go again.


9 thoughts on “I Found My Heaven

  1. Sharon says:

    Makes me sad Angi! We all need a special place!

  2. Your special piece of heaven did you well. You look like a movie star.
    Loved those braids too!!

  3. Junius says:

    I am impressed once again. You do have a special gift.

  4. Debbie Mobley says:

    I love this picture!!The ocean looks fabulous,so do you!!
    I felt the same way about Jamaica,the people,their culture…really love that little Island!!!
    It’s that kind of a place that I would love to share with so many people that I know.
    We will go back next year…we can’t not!!

  5. missie says:

    We always hold special memories, places and people in our hearts. They never really leave us they lie in waiting for a time when we can revisit them again.

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