In the next few weeks I will be interviewing women that have turned adversity into life changing experiences.

I find many sheroes around me and I wanted to honour them in a series that will provide hope, faith and determination to all of us, no matter what stage we may be at in our loves.  Whether we are dealing with chronic medical conditions, loss, death, menopause, cancer, burn out, depression. Some of these ladies are religious while others may be spiritual or non religious.  All I ask of you, the reader, is to be compassionate and non judgemental of these women and take what you like and you can use from these women’s stories and find PEACE, LOVE & SUCCESS in your life.

I would like to quote someone I admired and never met but whose words comforted me many times when loved ones passed on.  It is important to remember that there will always be adversity of some sort in our lives and not everyone will support our ideas or dreams.  Seek the ones that will support and uplift you in this journey and let the ones that criticize or drag you down GO.

If you have a clear consience and are doing your work with love, others will spit on you and try to make your life miserable.  Elisabeth Kubler Ross M.D. (c) 2008.

From Ordinary to Xtraordinary: Sheroes series Introduction


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