Sheroes Series : MyLife CoachLiz

  Let me introduce a dynamic and strong lady that cofounded a group for like minded people called Real Attracts Real.  Liz is the real deal, she talks the walk, & walks the talk.  I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did.


Can you give us a brief bio to introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m a Human Resources Professional, a Certified Int’l Life Coach & Speaker,  Entrepreneur & a Certified Radio/TV Broadcaster. Offering over 20 years of leadership experience both in the private and corporate sector. What do I do for work and why do I enjoy it: I’m encouraged to help others reach their desired potential with the ability to cultivate and embrace mutually beneficial relationships. I’ve been successful in organizing women’s groups, lead ministries as a spiritual leader and speaker as well assist organizations with business management services.  I’m bilingual in Spanish. Teaching others how to LIVE a different way of Life…by incorporating mental/physical stability for inner peace.

How do you handle adversity/stress:

The only way I know BEST..that’s to get inside my prayer closet, talk to GOD, meditate, journal my emotions and my desires for a positive outcome. GOD has favored me and has a way of turning my Obstacles into Opportunities. We must learn how to channel those stresses into our favor and find a hobby and do it for happy hormones. Mine is antique shopping, a good stress reliever for me! Who do I admire: My mother, I learned what it is to be a Woman, a Wife and a Mother. She faced many challenges in her life; poverty, sickness, babies dying at birth, abuse and divorce; BUT she remained true to herself and fought to see her 6 daughters through a better life. She did it all quietly and made it look effortless…her will, her power and her motivation taught me, that no matter what you’ve come out of  as long as you know where and what your goal is  you’ll get there for a better lifestyle and legacy.

What are your passions Liz?

I’m committed to living life with passion and joy in all I touch to do. Helping the 98% to conquer and live out their purpose by providing personal coaching, certifications and life paths through our Real Attracts Real org founded with my partner, David Bryant. Taking time to play, love and impart to others as I walk in my daily purpose.

Speciality coaching areas: Self Empowerment, Career, Relationships, Wealth Management, Health & Wellness and Spiritual.  My favorite quote, my own: “Transforming ordinary lives into EXTRAORDINARY LIVING!” by MyLifeCoachLiz

Many thanks Liz for taking the time to allow me to interview you and I wish you much success.  Keep up the good fight!

Other links where one can contact MyLife Coach Liz:!/mylifecoachliz


2 thoughts on “Sheroes Series : MyLife CoachLiz

  1. Sharon says:

    A very knowledgeable lady able to help others in many ways. We should all aim for Extraordinary living each and every day.!

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