Love, It Starts with Self

No matter how hard you try and the higher you climb the hill to success, the more people are going to try and knock you down.  Deep inside all of us is the capacity to love ourselves unconditionally.  People will envy you and dislike you because they are too afraid to go out on a limb and do exactly what you are doing.  They may never know the obstacles you overcame to get to where you are or they may glamourize your situation to their liking not fully understanding what your journey entailed.  If someone throws an arrow, let it slide off your back, for this is not your battle but theirs.  You are destined for greatness and so are they, if they do the WORK to get there.     ( I envision myself wearing an invisible raincoat and negativity cannot penetrate my shield)

Many of us did not come from functional homes as children so learning to love ourselves may be difficult to achieve. One needs to acknowledge their achievements, their talents, abilities and qualities, choose to embrace them.  Self love does not require one to compromise their principles and morals nor does it mean we allow others to treat us poorly.   Affirm all that is good and true within your being, you are after all a child of God and are unique, there is not another person quite like you.  The greatest pay off for loving ourselves is the love we receive from others.  You will find that people that love themselves like you do, will begin to gravitate towards you, as light attracts light.


2 thoughts on “Love, It Starts with Self

  1. Thank you, Angi for this empowering reminder of the power of love. Love is definitely the key ingredient that’s missing from most people’s human interaction dynamics. Unfortunately, for most people, their attempts at loving and being lovable are soiled by out-of-control human emotions (e.g., anger, jealousy, low self-esteem, feelings of inferiority and unworthiness, greed, self-centeredness, etc.) that contaminate the process. Consequently, their ability to understand the true concept of love is either non-Xistent or too vague to see beyond the confusion and misinterpretations that plague their attempts to engage in relationships that are genuinely loving. Until we are able to engage in “Acts” of love that are genuinely loving, the human communication dynamic will always be plagued with confusion and chaos. IT IS THE INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH OF US TO WORK ON PERFECTING OUR ABILITY TO LOVE…if we truly want to be loved by others.

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