Modify Your Attitude to Gratitude

Everyday presents us with situations that can aggravate us or we can choose to walk away,  One of the hardest challenges I face is dealing with my Fibromyalgia.  Things that I took for granted such as getting dental work done or blood tests never use to bother me.  I generally walk away feeling pretty good but this is no longer the case.  I came home with two bruised arms and felt dizzy, nauseated and drained.  The tech was unable to draw blood on the left arm as the veins collapsed so she tried again with the right arm.  By this point I was feeling ill and having to fast for 12 hours certainly did not help.  I began to feel faint which was something i did not anticipate.  I chose to think about the blessings in my life during this period of discomfort,asking God to just let me get through this and go home as soon as I could.  My thoughts turned to what awaited me at home, like my dog Molly who will shower me with hugs and kisses, my nice comfortable bed i can lay down in when I get home, the meal in the crockpot that I am lucky to eat while many are starving in the world.  The car I am priviledged to drive, the fact that I live in a peaceful country,and the best part was going to see my Mom after my tests where she pampered me and made me feel better.  And even better I am living my dream and I am not going to let some blood test, bruise or discomfort keep me from my dreams.

Attitude is everything, attitude can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday…

I could have got upset about it but that would only make matters worse.

5 thoughts on “Modify Your Attitude to Gratitude

  1. Sharon says:

    We do need to be strong and perservere in this life for sure as there is always someone worse off than we are. It is not at all easy but is part of our spiritual growth as well. A positive strong attitude will take us a long way in our every day life and help us to overcome.

  2. Stepping Out of the Page says:

    Love this post… so genuine and full of meaning. New to your blog, but I’m sure I’ll be reading it regularly. Sending positive vibes your way. 🙂

    Steph @ Stepping Out Of The Page

  3. ER says:

    Again, genuine and honest. Glad someone is writing about conditions we face.. hugs

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