The Warrior

Sometimes being the gentlest and kindest soul doesn’t get the job done.

Sometimes waiting for the “other guy” to do it doesn’t change a thing.

Sometimes loving others and trying to help them doesn’t end the suffering they endure.

Sometimes the “beech” needs to come to town and set things straight and kick some ass.

Sometimes that is the only solution.

The Warrior believes in truth and justice.

The Warrior is perhaps hidden within you wishing to come to full bloom.

The Warrior in all of us can change many things if we make a conscious effort to fight back against abuse, neglect, world hunger, poverty, homelessness, etc.

Stand up to the bully and tell then you are not going to take it anymore.

Tell someone you trust you are being abused.

The Warrior remains courageous and ensures her safety and of the one’s she loves.  Put yourself first and do not falter to the charming and often deceptive ..   look for the light in all your affairs

Fear nothing for fear means false evidence appearing real.  Better to have tried and learned than to have never tried.

What is your Warrior wanting to see changed?

(c) Angela H. Penn 2011.


If we wish to have world peace we must learn to get along with each other.   Public marches are terrific, as they create awareness but do not completely solve the problem.

True change comes from within. True change comes from saying NO to War and yes to LOVE, COMPASSION AND HUMAN DECENCY~ True change is being the change you wish to see in the world~

Lessons Learned

ImageWhen I am passionate about something, such as my business and my writing I have incredible amounts of energy. Yet, I fail to find the same level of energy when I look at my pile of laundry. We are only here for a short time and what really matters at this stage of my life is often the question? I have had to lower the bar on my expectations of myself. I have had to re-evaluate my life and make peace with this condition. I wish I could report this was an easy task but it has not been. The harsh reality that I am not invincible has come as a crushing blow, but are any of us?  Invincible, that is? I am not Superwoman, nor is anyone I know of, although a few come pretty close, these are the lessons I learned over the summer.

   Life is not a competition although it may appear to be, it is not if you choose to see it as such. The sooner I let this ideology go, the better I felt. Type A meet type B. All I have is today and beyond that
is something I will address the next day. Living at a more relaxed pace has become paramount to accomplishing anything. I did not get everything done in one day before, I won’t now either. I walk, pray, meditate, write, listen to music, all to maintain an inner peace and calm. I sit and listen to my inner voice. If it feels good I proceed forward and if not, I walk away.
  Let people be responsible for their own lives. This includes loved ones, friends, etc. By constantly doing for others they are not learning how to do for themselves which robs them of skills and lessons they need to learn to be more independent. Independence and achievement bring self confidence, it is not for me to take that away.
Remain a humanitarian as I sense that is my path in life.
  I am not alone in my life. My thinking went something like this: “ I will do it myself, “ I can’t wait for them!”. In retrospect, I never let anyone do anything for me, and as such I did do it all. Now, I ask can you help me with this or that? To suddenly ask for help came as an incredible shock to many people. I started reaching out because I could no longer do some things by myself.
Now this took incredible courage on my behalf but it was necessary. The best thing I did was talk to people about this condition & almost immediately I felt empowered.
      Look at doing something different for a career. What I was doing for work in the helping professions was working with people that were deaf, the mentally ill, the physically challenged, the drug or alcohol addicted, the learning disabled, etc. I was at the far end of the spectrum when it came to helping people. I am now concentrating my energies in the area of prevention of mental illnesses, drug or alcohol abuse, pursuing an education and a career in the herbalist/wholistic therapy profession.
    Live in abundance. Surround yourself with people that are passionate about life. People that are living their dreams. Take the higher road. Live in love and in light, there is enough darkness. Live with pride and honour.
Hug people more!
    Stop the madness!!! After three months of specialists and appointments I had, had enough. I went on holidays and took a much needed break from what had become an on going saga of diagnosis’s ( all related to the Fibromyalgia) and unfilled prescriptions. In my experience I found all of this to be extremely negative and dreaded leaving the house, no this was not living. I knew that the power of positive thinking and naturopathy would be far more advantageous to me than wondering which of the many medications I was prescribed was giving me which side effect or was that part of my Fibromyalgia. I am by no means suggesting people do not listen to your doctor or the specialists, I made the choice that was right for me and me alone. As I had a degree in psychology I knew that the power of one’s mind and allowing the patient to be an active participant in their own treatment has been statistically proven to heal people faster than any medication will.
Above all, I learned to love me as I am. That was the best gift of all.

Is Your Butterfly Awake?

Many of us have become accustomed to performing certain duties and taking on specific roles in our lives.  We do what is expected, what is required, what one must do to complete tasks.  We sometimes do things or don’t do things because we are seeking someone’s approval or to avoid criticism.  Maybe we do things to keep the peace and avoid conflict.

At midnight I found myself listening to music and thinking about the colourful butterflies I saw this weekend camping.  I have always been one that was fascinated with butterflies at a very young age.  Back then there colours and vitality would captivate me for hours.  They flutter about in such a magical fashion, they are free to fly wherever they wish, they are not bound by social norms or societal expectations.  A large black butterfly with yellow trim appeared to follow me for most of the weekend.  It landed on my shoulder a few times before it finally flew off into the woods.


A butterfly represents a free spirit, when was the last time your let your butterfly out?  Is your butterfly awake?  I danced like nobody was watching to my music under the stars and the moonlight….  thank you butterfly for reminding me to be just me.