Is Your Butterfly Awake?

Many of us have become accustomed to performing certain duties and taking on specific roles in our lives.  We do what is expected, what is required, what one must do to complete tasks.  We sometimes do things or don’t do things because we are seeking someone’s approval or to avoid criticism.  Maybe we do things to keep the peace and avoid conflict.

At midnight I found myself listening to music and thinking about the colourful butterflies I saw this weekend camping.  I have always been one that was fascinated with butterflies at a very young age.  Back then there colours and vitality would captivate me for hours.  They flutter about in such a magical fashion, they are free to fly wherever they wish, they are not bound by social norms or societal expectations.  A large black butterfly with yellow trim appeared to follow me for most of the weekend.  It landed on my shoulder a few times before it finally flew off into the woods.


A butterfly represents a free spirit, when was the last time your let your butterfly out?  Is your butterfly awake?  I danced like nobody was watching to my music under the stars and the moonlight….  thank you butterfly for reminding me to be just me.



9 thoughts on “Is Your Butterfly Awake?

  1. It is so easy to forget to enjoy the simple things – letting your hand drift over grass tops, touching a brand new leaf or smelling a flower. I do try to embrace my inner child whenever I can.

  2. Missie says:

    What a beautiful butterfly you are!!!!

  3. I love this photo! Thanks for the reminder to be free. Funny I just bought a butterfly picture two days ago……….

  4. PrincessBluepoet says:

    I have always loved butterflies! They are so fragile and magical! There are many here this summer!

  5. ER says:

    I think you woke mine up lol..

  6. Judy says:

    Love this, thx Angie!

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