Kick Start that Creative Spark

Saturday night I was priviledged to attend a concert at the Winspear Centre with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra ( ESO).  It was truly a magical and enchanting evening listening to popular movie theme songs from classics such as Casablanca to Back to the Future.  I was in awe of the many emotions that surfaced during this two and a half hour performance, ranging from complete relaxation to feelings of bliss, to even a little sadness.

Music, like writing is one of my favourite activities in which I can totally let go of my worries and submerge myself into another time and place. The beauty that these composers created, the talented musicians that play with such heart, one knows that they are doing what they are meant to be doing.  This is to be among the living, the ones that are in the light, the ones that choose to live their dreams.  We are all blessed with some form of creativity whether it is singing, composing music, dancing, playing an instrument, painting, drawing and writing.  Once you find it, you can’t go back.  The desire to do what comes naturally to you will be a hard battle to fight.

To all those creative souls out there, in particular those afraid to try.  Do it!  Take one step and see where it takes you.  Dream in colour and dream large and if you fall somewhere in between the dream and where you were that is better than never trying at all!  Carpe diem!  I DARE YOU!


5 thoughts on “Kick Start that Creative Spark

  1. Mary says:

    You were a busy bee today with so many blogs. You do inspire me to write!

  2. M. Kowalchuk says:

    Great blog on the symphony! xx

  3. Music moves the soul…enough said.

  4. PrincessBluepoet says:

    I love music also – all kinds and I am awestruck by the amount of musical talent there is right here in NL. I agree with Mandy music is moving to our souls just like writing!

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