A Few of My Favourite Things

When I think of my favourite things I immediately think of my animals and mementos from the past.   The items I cherish are not worth any money but they are sentimental pieces or things I have written.  The teddy bear that sits on the top shelf of my closet that survived the washing machine fiasco many years ago.  The rabbit stuffed animal my paternal grandmother had with her before she passed away. The cross from my maternal grandmother that died when I was five years of age.  I have a comfy pillow that makes me feel safe and an angel pin Marty gave me that bring me tranquility and peace when I feel a little down.

Some of my favourite things, are not things at all.  They may be memories of events and people that may no longer be with us.  Like my first performance in jazz dance class and the sunset in Hawaii.  Thoughts that make me feel warm and good inside.  Memories of my sister and I who are nine years apart and that innocence she had and how happy I was to have a sister in my life.  That memory brings tears to me eyes.  My sweet Mom and her little notes in my lunch box that made my day.


Back to my pets that I do not think are pets at all.  They are my friends, they are always there when you need a hug and they are always ready and willing to give us their undivided attention.  Molly ( dog) who jumps for joy and gives you kisses when you come in the door to my little Princess who cuddles with me at night.   Willow (my tabby cat that enjoys getting wet) that waits for me to come out of the bath and Sylvester my big tomcat male that rolls on the ground waiting for tummy rubs.

It is a blessed life indeed!

What are some of you favourite things?


2 thoughts on “A Few of My Favourite Things

  1. Marty says:

    Some good suggestions sweetie. xx

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