The Encounter with the Crone

It was the encounter with the crone
in which she told me “dear child when you cry
God cries with you.”
I wiped away my tears and wanted to yell at her
I am not a child ! I wanted her to see I am a grown woman.
but in her world I am merely a babe.
“I know of your sadness and those who have brought you to this place.”
She began with:
“He who sits on the throne or ivory perch
fuming and steaming in envy
and judges others for what they have
Would be better served to make that dream their own.
Jealousy and envy are bitter emotions
Vile words spill out about others who have achieved success honestly and legitimately
they flounder through life as many things and promise many things
A vermin like existence but then again a worm has a purpose, have they not?
She shook her head and lowered it to look down at the rocks below.
There is no love to be found in a darkened soul
All that bitterness will never lead to any good other than
They masquerade as the kind of heart
but rarely do they do for another
Its shady deals and scams to keep the blackened pot all shiny and gold
plated. Chasing the money, pretending they are wealthy only to lure another victim.
Abusing others is a game.”
“Ah such is the life of a snake oil salesman!”  she sighed in disgust
“Charlatans of money are charlatans of heart!
stealing love and weakening the good ones that remain.”
“Their mirror and their hearts serve to tell them who they are everyday
yet they remain in a state of lies and jealous rages.
time ravages ones soul
as the heart gets darker the distance between want and need merge into
a torturous loneliness
many a warrior could survive
but the ones who want all
are ill equipped to make it alone
for they have never loved themselves or anyone else enough
to brave the storm.”
“Those who wish to partake in the sport of causing misery to others
shall find that this misery rears its ugly head
Karma, my child! You have no need to fear it …
I was not sent to judge but merely advise.”
“There is a glow around you that shall protect you if you only choose it.
Don’t waste your life like mine
Radiate your light, it is strong enough
You are of knowledge and truth and both shall always set you free~
You will get hurt, you will feel real pain that is the way we are made.”
and with the mid summer breeze.. the crone was gone…

One thought on “The Encounter with the Crone

  1. It is easy to compare ourselves to others but they are doing the exact same thing…the outside disguises the inside. Our life path is our own and the more we embrace its offerings the better it becomes.

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