What Birds, Peaches and Tennis Balls Taught me About Life

Does anyone remember the saying “ A little  bird told me?” I am choosing to use birds as that gut feeling a person gets when  you know you made the wrong choice or decision.  You know the one I mean, when  you realize you should have been more cautious in your business dealings with that person.  It is a pang of sorts, as if your instincts are saying listen up,  heed the signs.  Often it is strongest when someone is trying to manipulate you  into doing something that you do not want to do; when their soul purpose is to  gain something from you for their best interest, not yours.

Peaches represent the the sweet and loving  people that I treasure in my life and all the little things that make living  truly worthwhile.  The call you get from a friend to see how you are.  A card  from a loved one when you are sick, the neighbour that brings you flowers.  Your  partner that cares enough to work more so you can deal with your health  conditions and not have to worry about working.   It can simply be the sounds of  crickets in the fields at night,  the smell of fresh rain, and the cuddly puppy  that jumps into your arms at the end of the day.  Even in the darkest moments,  always remember to love and appreciate your peaches because they are not all  going to be sweet.

Tennis balls represents  the obstacles one  does not see coming.  The unexpected little surprises that feel as if one has  been plummeted with tennis balls and cannot catch all of them at once.  The  proverbial balancing act where rationale can go out the window and what I call  “the who cares already” zone emerges.


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