As a young writer at the age of nine I was instantly inspired by music to write.  As, I grew older I found that music was my muse in many ways.  If my mood was high I would listen to rock music and when it was mellow I would listen to Stevie Nicks.  I think anyone that enjoyed the music of Fleetwood Mac found Ms. Nicks to be enchanting, mystical and unique.  A tiny little lady with such a dynamic stage presence that all eyes were on her.  She has not had an easy life, there have been drug problems, weight issues, etc, and yet she remains positive about her life and continues to do what she loves and that is to sing.  What I admire about Stevie is she ventured out on her own in a predominantly male orientated industry and became a successful solo artist in her own right.  But what I admire more than that is that she has and always has remained a “REAL person.  She inspires me to be a little different, to see things outside the box.  Her music creates an ambience in which I can find peace and sereniy in an often insane world.  Her obstacles inspire many to keep going, no matter what.


My partner inspires me to be REAL everyday.  He always supports my creative endeavours and my dreams.  I admire Marty because he is a genuine person and sees beyond himself.






My dog Molly inspires me to be a better person, being that she is sensitive I have to always remember that she gives me all her love and attention and she deserves that from me. She has taught me to be more accepting of life and to remain calm in many situations.

Who inspires you?



  1. deborahcofer says:

    Angi…GREAT ARTICLE!!! I find that for me, everything around me inspires me in one way or another. In particular, I have always been inspired by 1) people who follow their dreams, 2) women, like you, who refuse to conform to traditional roles or play damsels in distress, 3) people who continue to love despite the pain they endure trying to love people who are filled with so much self-hatred and 4) people who choose to live outside the box. There is so much beauty and wonder in the world…that, for most of my life, I have been a person who chooses to soar with the eagles rather than remain confined to the limitations of the masses.

  2. I could listen to Stevie sing Landslide all day long. I’d never get anything done, but still…:)

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