Grateful for Being Able to Give From My Pocket & from My Heart

Being Thanksgiving I wanted to reflect upon the many blessings that we have in our lives.  To be of good health, to have loving, genuine, people in my life, to have enough food & water, a home, to afford to have animals, my dear angel Molly who loves me unconditionally, enough clothing, to afford to go on a holiday.  To people in third world countries I would be seen as extremely wealthy and YET there are so many people that want more than this!  When is enough, enough?   People wait in line for hours to get the latest cellphone.  I have no idea who you are trying to impress; I am not remotely interested in that.



Give of your heart; give a little if you can to those in need not just at Thanksgiving or Christmas.  In everyday life give back a little hope, a little sunshine.   One does not always have to give money, give a pair of gloves or an old jacket to a local shelter or to a street person.  Take a few cans of food to the Food Bank that are in your cupboard.  Do one even better than that; give someone in need something anonymously.   Maybe give a gift card to a local grocery store or drop off a Christmas tree to a family in need.



5 thoughts on “Grateful for Being Able to Give From My Pocket & from My Heart

  1. sharonmcb says:

    Very nice Angi. I am thankful you are my dear dear friend. XO



    Certified Yoga Instructor

    YOGA THRIVE – a gentle yoga programme for cancer patients and survivors


  2. Elaine says:

    Kudos to you Angi!

  3. marilyn androwski says:

    A very touching piece I will send the link to some family members they need to read this..

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