Write to the Beat of My Own Drum



For me writing comes from within, what began as witticism and sadness has evolved into a loving, peaceful harmony of words that barely finds a pulse. The darkest years have long past through the angst of the adolescent fantasies of romantic notions and the Madonna era of dance beats, the marriage of regret, some hopes and dreams dissolved along the way but the desire to write has blossomed and grown. The selection of pieces I choose to write are now very similar to the styles of music I enjoy singing and listening to.  Jazz and more tranquil music is for the softer parts of me that I continue to explore, preferring the lighter side of the art of writing.  The pen has been replaced at times by the keyboard and the tapping of my fingers in tune to the ideas in my head, much like a piano player hitting the keys ever so perfectly.  The pianist and the writer are attuned and very much in their own little worlds whether we play or write alone or for an audience or our dear reader.  The harder rock music serves a purpose in by doing so, I can write material that is edgier if I desire.  It is real, it is a release of a world from my perspective and admittedly writing about nasty or sinister characters is harder than writing about nice people. Many of my writings start as a lyric and soon evolve into a longer progression of words.  Imagery that exists in the mind takes on a different meaning on paper.  I write what I know and see, the analysis from my psychology background aids me well in describing people and places.  My natural senses of observation are fully utilized in the task of writing: I see, I smell, I sense, touch and hear it, all before I embark on writing it down.  One gives away much of the self during the process of writing.  I prefer to not be categorized into any specific style or literary genre, The words should flow freely like a prayer or chant.  The drum beats slower or faster depending on my writing pace.



The editing process is like tuning a guitar, plunking at the strings ensuring that each key is right.  Music has always been vital to the creation of what lies ahead in my journeys that take me away to other places and to some I have already explored.  One of the joys of writing is to explore something new, yet to be undertaken. Once key ingredient to my continued personal successes as a writer is the wonderful fellowship of writers I have met through the WFSC.  Thank you for encouraging and challenging me to become a better writer.



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