Acts of Kindness

Living in the city one does not tend to expect much from one’s neighbours but the events of this past weekend proved otherwise.  As the snow began to fall on Thursday evening up to Sunday in the wee hours I was surprised at the amount of people in my neighbourhood that pulled together as a team to remove the snow.  I am not just talking about the snow on our walkways or on the front street, but the back alleys and even the roadways where many of us park.  It began with one person shovelling their neighbours walk and by Saturday we had several people that produced snowblowers and shovels clearing driveways, walkways, & streets.  It almost became competitive with teams forming to see who can clear the most snow first.    Now that is community spirit and concern for the people that live here.  I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

A big thank you to all the wonderful people that restored my faith in humanity.  Remember it only takes one person to make a change and watch what effect it has on the many…


5 thoughts on “Acts of Kindness

  1. MJ says:

    To be competitive over acts of kindness, now thats the world we need more of! One thing I have always thought sticks with humanity, a line from an old movie called Starman, spoken by the alien visitor AKA Jeff Bridges when asked what he thought of Earth. “People are at their very best, when things are at their very worst.” It’s so true.

  2. Marty says:

    Enjoyed your story which was very inspiring! Good to see people looking after one another xx

  3. Elaine R says:

    Write on Angi! Talk about community spirit! You inspire many!

  4. Sharon says:

    How wonderful that in this big city people still care about their neighbors and put forward their best in difficult weather!

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