When is the Write Time?

When is the Write Time?


The older I get the more I know, someone wise once said


I feel that anxiousness begin before I get out of bed.


Then why do I have more to do than I did before?


I stagger out of bed and wonder if all of us are falling behind?


The older I get the more I wonder if I have lost my mind,


The dog urgently needs to go outside, the cats whine to be fed


I finally make a coffee and sit and review


The list of things I am required to do.


I indulge in the fantasy of a life alone


I know I would never survive whatever would I do?


I have learned to live in this zoo.


God as my witness I have tried many things


I learned the art of delegation


The art of gentle persuasion


To sneak in a session for me to write


I learned to say NO


I learned to let go


For I am not perfect, I accept without resistance.


But like today, yesterday and tomorrow


the list of things I need to do appears to grow


There is always that inner struggle


to balance it all, to perfect the juggle


I try to slink past the pile of creative starts without finishes


that stare at me from my office table


“I tell them I will come when I am able”


One will smile and say sure and yet another will yawn


and the Halloween story says it collecting dust


to this I respond but I have to do this or that, I must ! I must!


I resign myself to closing the door to my writer’s lair


For I cannot stand their constant glare.


“Good night”, I whisper. ” I will see you soon.”




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