2 Herbal Solutions for Nausea and Upset Stomach

Peppermint :

Peppermint contains a large amount of menthol which provides a soothing effect to cool nerve receptors.    Peppermint is available in oil, capsules and tea. Peppermint candy or gum can also be an effective treatment for upset stomach.   The benefits of peppermint oil don’t last very long, but peppermint should provide a quick fix and may tide you over a spell of nausea.  It is an excellent option instead of taking gravol for those who find they cannot tolerate gravol for motion sickness or long road trips.


A time-honored herbal remedy for centuries, ginger provides relief for a variety  of stomach ailments. In particular, ginger is often helpful in relieving nausea  and vomiting. You can use ginger in almost any form to soothe an upset stomach.  Raw ginger placed in 2 cups of boiling water makes an excellent herbal tea.  Nibble on a piece of candied ginger or drink some ginger ale as long as it is  made with real ginger. Use caution if you take blood thinners, as ginger can  thin the blood. Speak to your health practitioner before using ginger for  medicinal purposes.


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