Health, Home & Heart

Health, Home and Heart

I am hoping to start discussions of my blogs on wordpress so that I can read your comments, ideas, thoughts and suggestions.

These three words came to mind as I was enjoying a long soak in the bathtub one  evening about a month ago.   The  mind was pondering the question, What matters to you right now at this very moment in your life?   Why was I thinking about this in particular?  My body has been sending me signals for almost two weeks in the form of insomnia, stomach aches, & fatigue.  The body knows more than you might think it does.   These are all warning signs that I am expecting more from myself than I can do.   If I am not kind to myself then who am I to be dispensing advice to people via my blog.

Without my health there is no home and there is a tired soul and heart.

I decided I needed a week to regroup and rethink my situation.  I attended an art therapy session, treated myself to a massage I desperately needed.  I napped for a few hours one day, I wrote whatever I wanted, prepared comforting and nutritious foods and slept 8 or more hour per night.  And then as if by magic i felt really good and the cuddly sessions with my fur babies helped ME more than you will ever know.  Hot baths with Japanese Mint Oil soothed my achy body and in particular my knee.


What do you do when things get to be too much?



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