A Family That Writes Together Bonds Forever

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and the upcoming Christmas season I want to wish all of my readers a safe and blessed holiday season.


In the constant hustle and bustle of life it is easy for one to lose the closeness with our loved ones and families. Why not start a new tradition this year by writing as a family about your family holidays and extend that to a daily journaling session.  Each member of the family can take a turn writing about their daily events and activities.  One can include photos and artwork in this journalling too.


Things have changed and families do not always eat meals together and talk and if we do someone is attache to some gadget.  Kids are texting friends at the dinner table, parents taking calls, maybe brothers playing video games, the list goes on.


Memories are made by us being present, physically and emotionally involved in the moment.  What is the worst thing that could happen, that you all get to know each other a little better?  That you kids will have gained a valuable tool by writing their experiences rather then texting?


One can use sentence prompts to start the writing process and once the family has enough material, say a year of daily adventures, one can put it in a time capsules in the backyard for future reference.  Decide on a rewar the family can enjoy together such as a trip, concert or movie night.

As a special needs teaching assistant and a behavioural therapist, I spent many years helping children with learning disabilities emloying similar ideas/strategies in which the family would also work with their child to improve reading and writing skills.  Even a few minutes a day could help a child attain a world of knowledge and gain confidence within themselves.

Even in my home since I began writing daily (blogging almost daily as well) my partner and I have become closer via my writing..  He has a fantastic imagination and is a good sounding board with ideas I have.

I cost one nothing to try write, many of use have a hidden talent we might not yet have explored.  It is always fun when we write something together and we always laugh at some point.

Most importantly we gain time together as a family, we learn about each other, we keep a bond strong.


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