Reflections on A Tuesday

My intentions on this particular Tuesday were to write at least a few blogs if not a chapter for my latest book idea.

Things were moving smoothly this morning with me and my loyal side kick ( Molly) as we tromped up and down the stairs to the laundry room and managed to successfully complete 4 loads of laundry.


It was when I decided I wanted to have a nice, long bath that all heck broke loose. I was barely out of the bathtub when the doorbell rang and then Molly my dog started barking, my large male cat Sly stands in front of the door insisting that he has to go outside and there I found myself standing at the front door with a green towel on my head and one wrapped around my body. Once I opened the door I discovered it was someone from Canada Post with a parcel. What a predicament I found myself in trying to keep the towel secure around my body with my right hand, using my left hand to gesture to the dog to sit and be quiet, gently tapping Sly with my foot to move out of the way, then he had the nerve to ask me to sign for this parcel. I quickly switched hands and was then able to sign with my right hand. I told the mailman that his timing was impeccable, to which he did not seem amused. Nor did I get Merry Christmas from him either. Ah some people, absolutely no Christmas spirit!

I shut the door and immediately decided that I needed to open this parcel now and ran to the kitchen drawer to get a knife to open the package with. Once I was able to open it I smiled seeing that this was from a friend of mine in New York. The parcel contained an amusing x-mas card, an ornament and cookies. I thought how wonderful and thoughtful to receive this x-mas package unexpectedly. Myself, I often do things for others not to be rewarded but to show them I care and I never expect anything back. My friend in NY made me smile and realize that I am very blessed and thought of. Thank you JA , you made my day!

My thoughts soon turned to the wonderful people I have come to know in my writing group. Not that long ago I was a solo writer one could say. I wrote alone and never really found a place I felt comfortable sharing my writings. What a blessed two years it have been to find a place of ones own where words and books are valued, where respect and kindness are the norm. I cherish these people for they have made me a better writer and a kinder soul. This group makes me want to take chances with my writing and to try different things, but most of all they have brought me a gift, the gift being a more positive outlook on life and hope.


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