Wildflower Women

Light, it is such a powerful gift and especially now in the Northern Hemisphere when our days are much shorter at this time of year.  The light has ways of culling out inspiration in our souls, it makes photographers want to pick up their cameras, painters want to grace their pallets with ethereal visions, and writers attempt to memorialize it with words.  Personally, I don’t believe we can adequately capture the light in any of these mediums, although I hope none stop trying to grace us with such beauty.  We can, however, share our light, spread joy and happiness and this is perhaps the only way to capture the light, by sharing it.  The very nature of it warms ones soul, inspires and brings hope.  Why not share it with someone, a stranger, someone you just met, a dear loved one, take a moment to reflect and share especially during…

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  1. Thank you, Angi, for re posting my blog article! The light in me shines with your kindness.

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