My Generation

My generation used words such as please and thank you.  My generation said they were sorry when we made a mistake and thought of other people’s feelings as well as their own.  My generation was honest and loyal.  My generation smiled and said “Hello” and “Goodbye when we greeted a customer and we were also capable of counting change.  My generation got jobs in high school and were not financially dependent on our parents to pay our way in life.  My generation wasn’t afraid to do some physical work once in awhile.  My generation cared for their elderly or sick family members because that was what we were expected to do and our conscience told us to do.  My generation knew how to use a lawn mower, shovel a walk, and even the girls learned about car maintenance.  My generation did not wait for someone else to do it for them we took the initiative and learned many skills our young people do not have today.  We did not steal or lie to get something, WE WORKED for it!  We did not abuse, beat or manipulate people to get our way.  We did not know what getting something on credit was or what a pawnshop was.  Parents were to be respected and we had boundaries and consequences if we behaved badly.  We did not have the help kids have today with learning disabilities or places to help kids that were abused.  My generation did not depend on welfare or other programs paid for by the taxpayers to survive.  My generation treated all persons with respect, we did not mock or ridicule people that were different.  My generation knew what sex we were and dressed accordingly, we did not need tattoos or 15 piercings to feel important or to garner attention.  My generation did not have obesity problems in childhood because we moved as in playing games, running, etc.  In essence we were not lazy as we did not have the internet or video games. My generation did not think they should be paid top salaries out of university, we did not have our Mom’s filling out job applications for us or driving us to job interviews.  We were fearless and strong because there was no coddling for us.  We walked to school and we did not worry about some lunatic shooting at us there.

Guess what, we all survived and thrived quite fine. 

 I am not sure what happened to our world but I don’t like much of what I see.  Customer service is not existent and people have become increasingly rude to one another.  Frankly, I see  a great deal of talking about how we are suppose to be responsible and politically correct but the actions of many, is the complete opposite.

Let’s remember that the child you baby today will be the child looking after you in your old age or the one that won’t give a rat’s behind about you.  Scary proposition for some, but this is reality.


2 thoughts on “My Generation

  1. wordpainter` says:

    Well written argument for discipline and self-responsibility but I have a bit of a problem with the generality of “my generation.”

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