Concert Review: Guns n Roses perform at the Joint in Las Vegas

Last night I attended the GNR concert at the Joint, in the Hard Rock Hotel,Las Vegas.  I did not get a chance to listen to the opening band “Bumblefoot”,  therefore I cannot comment on their performance.

I have never been a huge fan of GNR and this being my first opportunity to see the “new” Guns N Roses I was not sure what to expect.  I had heard that Axl had often not shown up for concerts.

It felt odd to watch Rose on stage clad in torn jeans, sunglasses and different hats with new musicians, gone are the days of Slash who was as much an entertainer as Axl was, perhaps at times even more.  Even going further back then that, in the days of Steven Adler who I saw on Celebrity Rehab just last season.

Axl seemed a bit restrained and at times not the powerhouse one has grown to expect.  Apparently Rose, just recently recovered from a bout with strep throat which would explain his tendency to avoid lingering on higher notes or singing at a slighly lower key than usual.

The sound system from where I was sitting in the balcony section was at times hard to hear and even fuzzy in spots.  I often could not hear Axl singing and was uncertain as to what song it was.  The music was much louder than Rose’s singing overall which makes me wonder if this was intentional, as he recently had strep throat.  Athough he appeared energetic enough, bounding around the stage but the voice does tend to take longer to heal after an illness such as strep throat.

I enjoyed the older songs the best: Knocking on Heaven’s Door, Patience, November Rain,Welcome to the Jungle and Paradise City.

There has been some controversy in Las Vegas over the use of the rape robot on some of the promotional material for GNR’s gig at the Joint which led to some changes in the artwork.

Overall the light show and effects were pretty outstanding particularly near the end.  Red pieces of what looked like confetti flying in the air was unusual but made for a colourful show. The scantilly clad girls gyrating in the corner and provocative images on the screens provided some eye candy for the boys.  Rose proved he can still rock and sing fairly well for his age eventhough he was often hidden in the back somewhere in between songs in which the musicians would play solos to provide a break for Axl.  A fan seated behind me was was making wise cracks about Axl partaking in some drug in between.

The show was long which was impressive to me with it ending around 2 am and started with the opening band in at 9 pm sharp.  A great show for your money!   I would go again.