Hurricane Sandy: Be prepared

The Canadian Red Cross urges all Canadians to have an emergency kit on hand in the event of a weather disaster. As Hurricane Sandy continues to churn towards Canada, here’s a list of equipment it may be wise to have on hand– Update or purchase property/tenant insurance

— Bottled water

— Non-perishable food

— Manual can opener

— Radio (battery or wind-up)

— Flashlight, glow sticks

— Extra batteries

— First aid kit

— Cash in small bills, coins

— Spare house and car keys

— Emergency phone list

— Emergency Plan

— Blanket or sleeping bag

— Key documents (ID, insurance, etc.)

— Prescription medications

— Spare clothes, footwear

— Personal toiletries

— Signalling whistle

— Garbage bags

— Duct tape

— Plastic sheet/tarpaulin

— Light rope

— Basic tools (wrench, pliers, etc.)

— Small shovel or spade

— Fire extinguisher (ABC type)

— Paper and pens, pencils


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