I’m alright but the system is down . Small towns burned but no real help is around. It will take some time to get back up,

Here’s to hoping that the situation doesn’t get worse!


stay safe and warm to all that have been affected 

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Hurricane Sandy: Be prepared

The Canadian Red Cross urges all Canadians to have an emergency kit on hand in the event of a weather disaster. As Hurricane Sandy continues to churn towards Canada, here’s a list of equipment it may be wise to have on hand– Update or purchase property/tenant insurance

— Bottled water

— Non-perishable food

— Manual can opener

— Radio (battery or wind-up)

— Flashlight, glow sticks

— Extra batteries

— First aid kit

— Cash in small bills, coins

— Spare house and car keys

— Emergency phone list

— Emergency Plan

— Blanket or sleeping bag

— Key documents (ID, insurance, etc.)

— Prescription medications

— Spare clothes, footwear

— Personal toiletries

— Signalling whistle

— Garbage bags

— Duct tape

— Plastic sheet/tarpaulin

— Light rope

— Basic tools (wrench, pliers, etc.)

— Small shovel or spade

— Fire extinguisher (ABC type)

— Paper and pens, pencils


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