How to Save A Life, Possibly Your Own

Now that winter has offically arrived we will soon be facing freezing rain, snow and blizzard like road conditions.  These are a few tips for those who drive, these are things I have personally observed that make me wonder what that person was thinking.

These are really situations in which common sense is required:

Wear your seatbelt.

When backing out of a parking spot, use your rearview mirror and physically look behind you, beside you left and right, to see if anyone else is nearby.

Do not just pull-over and park. Use your signal light and then pull-over.

Do not stop in the middle of an intersection or in the middle of the road.  If you need to do this because you are experiencing a mechanical failure then USE YOUR HAZARDS so people know that you are going to come to a complete stop for an undetermined time.  Also pull-over closer to the curb to leave room for drivers to pass you.

The suicide lane is not a legal driving lane.  It is called a suicide lane for a reason.

That sign that looks like this Image  really means STOP!!

GET OFF THE CELLPHONE – Few people are exceptional multitaskers.

Curling your hair, applying makeup, shaving and eating should be done somewhere other than when you are driving.

Obey the speed limit in school zones.

Leave adequate distance between the vehicle ahead of you – you may have to brake unexpectedly.


Interested in any feedback on this blog and other hazards drivers are witnessing on the roads.


Drive safe 🙂