How to Get From Here to Where You Want to Be


  It is impossible to get to where we want to be with the same ‘stinking  thinking’ that holds us where we are.  Each level of success comes with some kind  of personal breakthrough.  It takes a well thought out plan or strategy to get to where we desire to be, taking smaller steps is generally the best option in order to attain the desired result.

The mind is an amazing and powerful tool and 98 percent of people don’t  believe in themselves. Believing in yourself in the first step to getting what  you want. I mean TRULY believe that it’s possible to do anything you desire in  this world. Because it is.

If you want to change your life or your situation, start with yourself. Be  mindful of every word that comes out of your mouth, every thought you think,  every book you read, and how you spend your time.

If you can imagine HOW you want to be, then start being that person NOW. The change has to start somewhere. Today is the best time to start being the person you want to be and letting your inner light shine.

Here are a few steps you can actively start doing towards developing a  success mindset and changing your life for the better:


  • Create a vision board with pictures and write out steps that are required to achieve your dream.
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    start your day with 10 minutes of quiet meditation to stay clear about your goal.

  • read 30 minutes a day of personal growth and development
  • listen to inspiring audio whenever you can
  • consciously reject negative thoughts and focus on the prosperity you see in  the world around you. 
  • Motivate yourself with thoughts of prior successes in your life and review those experiences to determine what you achieved to get there and how wonderful it felt once you completed them.

By working on yourself first, you will develop the confidence you need to  believe in yourself and to go after your goals with clear intentions.


Blogging on the Open Road from Edmonton to Las Vegas Part 2

First off, I want to wish all of you a safe and blessed weekend 🙂

The goal is to drive to Las Vegas, Nevada this weekend. We started out later than we expected Friday morning but arrived at a decent enough time to spend the night in Helena, Montana after a 10 hour plus drive.

The weather when we left home in Edmonton, Alberta was worse than any we have encountered so far.  The fog in Montana proved to be a bit challenging at night but all was well. We had a 45 minute delay in Calgary due to a traffic accident on the Deerfoot Trail which was far better than a blizzard and icy roads anyday. Tomorrow is another day and yet another day to enjoy nature and all her beauty. Yes, we will be including photos very soon for those seeking some visual aspects of our trip.





Sweet dreams from Helena, Montana and a warm thank you to all the kind folks we have met on our journey..

The friendliest people you will ever meet live in Montana!


Blogging on the Open Road from Edmonton to Las Vegas Part 1

Ok, we are either insane or die hard travellers as we are about to embark on a trip to the US by car from our home in Edmonton, Ab, Canada.

The road at this time of year can be a bit more treacherous and so far Old Man Winter is not giving us a real break here.

It will be a good time to see a  variety of terrain from the prairies to the desert,and to the beaches on the Pacific Coast.

I love little gift stores in small towns and the storytellers we meet.  Everyone has a story and there are so many good ones.

I love cities too that are all unique in their own way.  Down home cooking will await us in Montana and the meals are huge.


Til we meet again, peace and blessings be with you

Angi 🙂

Opportunity awaits!  CARPE DIEM!

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The Strait of Georgia encompassed me as I stood at the top of the freshly rain laden mound.  I took in a long breath in awe of it’s enormity.   As I walked further down, the water became closer and more expansive.    I felt like a mere speck in the universe only having experienced this once before in Oahu as night fell and the sun set for the day.  In Hawaii when the water embraced the sun, when the union of the world below merged with the world above my heart skipped a beat and with it my feet tingled.  It was in that moment I knew there was something larger than me at the end of this game, we call life.  There is a power greater than myself that has given me so many blessings.  How selfish humans are in so many ways, we do not appreciate nature as much as we should. There is an innocence and peacefulness in these waves I view in the distance, that beckons me to continue walking.  My mind and body are calm and at ease.  The wind gently pulls at my hair that was in a ponytail, now flowing freely around my face.  I hear the comforting sound of birds and see several boats sailing in the deep jade coloured waters as the night began closing in.  The mist below my feet starts to rise and with it my visibility becomes reduced..  One can describe a certain balance that I sense is entering my consciousness or is it just what one’s natural state is meant to be?  Are we so convoluted with technology and worries that we fail to arrive home very often?  To me, this was worth a lifetime and yet seems a lifetime ago.

Jamaican Lifestyle Part 1


We have much to learn from the Jamaican people, a simple people that are gracious and driven by love.  Bob Marley’s “One Love” is still alive and kicking today, in fact the Jamaican people believe we are all part woman and man and that is a complete love.

Many of the luxuries we take for granted such as cars, cell phones, the internet, etc. are not commonly used by many people in Jamaica.  We asked outr raft captain as we sailed down the beautiful Martha Brae River about putting a video of him on youtube.  He claimed that he lived in a village that had no internet so he would not be able to see it.  This did not phase him at all as a loss but merely an inconvenience.  J.K. also told us he was dependant on others for rides to work, often standing at the roadside in the hope…

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The Encounter with the Crone

It was the encounter with the crone
in which she told me “dear child when you cry
God cries with you.”
I wiped away my tears and wanted to yell at her
I am not a child ! I wanted her to see I am a grown woman.
but in her world I am merely a babe.
“I know of your sadness and those who have brought you to this place.”
She began with:
“He who sits on the throne or ivory perch
fuming and steaming in envy
and judges others for what they have
Would be better served to make that dream their own.
Jealousy and envy are bitter emotions
Vile words spill out about others who have achieved success honestly and legitimately
they flounder through life as many things and promise many things
A vermin like existence but then again a worm has a purpose, have they not?
She shook her head and lowered it to look down at the rocks below.
There is no love to be found in a darkened soul
All that bitterness will never lead to any good other than
They masquerade as the kind of heart
but rarely do they do for another
Its shady deals and scams to keep the blackened pot all shiny and gold
plated. Chasing the money, pretending they are wealthy only to lure another victim.
Abusing others is a game.”
“Ah such is the life of a snake oil salesman!”  she sighed in disgust
“Charlatans of money are charlatans of heart!
stealing love and weakening the good ones that remain.”
“Their mirror and their hearts serve to tell them who they are everyday
yet they remain in a state of lies and jealous rages.
time ravages ones soul
as the heart gets darker the distance between want and need merge into
a torturous loneliness
many a warrior could survive
but the ones who want all
are ill equipped to make it alone
for they have never loved themselves or anyone else enough
to brave the storm.”
“Those who wish to partake in the sport of causing misery to others
shall find that this misery rears its ugly head
Karma, my child! You have no need to fear it …
I was not sent to judge but merely advise.”
“There is a glow around you that shall protect you if you only choose it.
Don’t waste your life like mine
Radiate your light, it is strong enough
You are of knowledge and truth and both shall always set you free~
You will get hurt, you will feel real pain that is the way we are made.”
and with the mid summer breeze.. the crone was gone…