A Few of My Favourite Things

When I think of my favourite things I immediately think of my animals and mementos from the past.   The items I cherish are not worth any money but they are sentimental pieces or things I have written.  The teddy bear that sits on the top shelf of my closet that survived the washing machine fiasco many years ago.  The rabbit stuffed animal my paternal grandmother had with her before she passed away. The cross from my maternal grandmother that died when I was five years of age.  I have a comfy pillow that makes me feel safe and an angel pin Marty gave me that bring me tranquility and peace when I feel a little down.

Some of my favourite things, are not things at all.  They may be memories of events and people that may no longer be with us.  Like my first performance in jazz dance class and the sunset in Hawaii.  Thoughts that make me feel warm and good inside.  Memories of my sister and I who are nine years apart and that innocence she had and how happy I was to have a sister in my life.  That memory brings tears to me eyes.  My sweet Mom and her little notes in my lunch box that made my day.


Back to my pets that I do not think are pets at all.  They are my friends, they are always there when you need a hug and they are always ready and willing to give us their undivided attention.  Molly ( dog) who jumps for joy and gives you kisses when you come in the door to my little Princess who cuddles with me at night.   Willow (my tabby cat that enjoys getting wet) that waits for me to come out of the bath and Sylvester my big tomcat male that rolls on the ground waiting for tummy rubs.

It is a blessed life indeed!

What are some of you favourite things?

Unconditional Love

When we brought Molly (our Poodle- Shih –Tzu cross) into our home at the age of six months she had been somewhat neglected.  She had previously been residing in a home with several other dogs, where the amount of animals and the death of their son had made it hard for the previous owners to keep her.   When Molly came to live with us she was rather shy and haggard looking, badly needing a groom and plenty of attention.   I was only too happy to train her and I was eager to have her feel comfortable and a part of our family that also included 2 cats.   There were a few trials and tribulations as Molly required some time to adjust to her forever home.  I had never had a dog before so I was quite lost in the beginning, asking anyone that had a dog for advice or suggestions.  I read books on dog training and watched many videos to try to get the hang of it.  I look back now and laugh at how worried I was and reflect on the days where I felt like I had failed her miserably.

I worried about leaving Molly alone at home, fearful that the cats might gouge out her eyes or gang up on her out of jealousy.  I remember thinking this is what Mother’s go through worrying all the time about their kids, never being a Mom before, this was certainly a new development.  This bond between Molly & I became stronger every day and to be honest within 5 minutes of her arrival in our home I was in love with her.

Fast forward to today:

Molly has been a blessing in our home and in our lives.  She loves us no matter what: if your hair is sticking out or you’re feeling sad or just not having a great day, she always wants to be near you.  She listens, she understands what you say and she is always willing to sit on your lap or lie across your body on the couch.

Molly cuddles with our cats Willow ( my female tabby) & Sylvester her big brother.  Willow has taken it upon herself that she is Molly’s pseudo Mom and is often seen nuzzling Molly’s head as if to say I am here little one if you need me.  All of my pets remind me that unconditional love exists and that peace can be found in a house with a dog and two cats.

Watching the three of them lying together as I write this, reaffirms my belief that we have much to learn about peace and love as humans.  Greed and material possessions do not exist in their world so there is no benefit to any of them to not love unconditionally.

These are my angels and this is my story.  May you always live among them, they will bring you great joy and much love~

BTW Molly has her own blog at http://lapdogdiaries.wordpress.com/



Twas A Magical Evening at the Greenhouse

Twas a magical evening at the Greenhouse.

The first thing you notice is the smell of the plants, something living, the scent of fertile dirt.  At this time of the year it catches you by surprise as snow has now covered what was once, merely months ago grass.   The ambience was tranquil among the trees decorated in shades of blue, gold, white, purple and green.  Everything gleamed in the traditional colours of Christmas whether it was lights or stockings or glass ornaments, even the purses and scarfs glowed.  One could walk into different areas and the colour of these areas would all be the same.  I was particularly smitten with the blue section, the aqua tree and it’s ornaments, the shade of peacock blue that mixed in with the aqua were beautiful along with the glass blown vases, candle holders & coffee mugs that adorned one table.  The richness in detail was magnified by the baby blue and midnight blue paintings and sketches that covered the walls in this area.  The waft of blueberries sent me back to my childhood when my Grandmother and I would go berry picking together.  This memory made me smile.

The essence of pine and sandalwood seemed to follow me no matter where I went, until I sauntered into the baked goodies.  Any die hard dessert person would have thought they were in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.  After several samples of almond bark, cookies, cakes, and pies I decided to try some not so sweet offerings such as the perogies and sausage that were around the corner from the desserts.  Shortly after, I ventured to the Minnie’s Café which is named after the resident female cat, where to my delight I soon discovered the complimentary coffee, which mixed with the sugary desserts seemed to further energize me and heighten my senses.

As the evening progressed I sat down near the fountains and listened to several classical versions of Christmas songs performed by two very talented young ladies.  I found myself sipping my coffee and singing a note here and there, sometimes humming in unison with the musicians.  I thought about why I had not been singing anymore, when did I abandon this activity and why?  I was even amazed that I sounded so good and then it hit me of course it is Christmas time and singing has always made me feel good about my life.  Singing is a part of who I am, as is my desire to write.  My X-mas spirit had waned a great deal in the past few days with some recent developments that had disappointed me and I needed a day to digest these matters.  I decided that this had to stop.  I am in an environment that is peaceful, I am enjoying myself here and I felt that inner glow rise up in me and shine.

Soon after, I was greeted by a local resident of the Greenhouse by the name of Charlie who seemed perfectly content to not only jump on my lap from out of nowhere, but linger for several minutes where he rubbed his chin on my arm and shoulders.  It was only later I learned his name was Charlie through one of the employees at the greenhouse.  He was a friendly little gent, gray in colour and was a tabby, not much older than 8 months.   I wonder if maybe Charlie was an angel, perhaps a sign that God was listening and felt the sadness that I had been dealing with in the last 24 hours.  Had Charlie been sent to comfort me ?

To all a good night and may the magic of the season bring you many blessings~ xx